Lindsay's Garden Assortment Packs

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Lindsay's Garden - Assortments

Lindsay's Garden Assortment packs include 12 each of one yard cuts of both solid and variegated (predominantly variegated) silk ribbon selections in hand-picked color coordinating groups. These are unique colors, most of which are not available in our standard packages.

Please Note:  These pictures are for color group representation only. The ribbons you receive will be in the same color range, but not the exact ones pictured. We build these sets on demand, with the selection of ribbons we have available at the time, making each set unique.  Due to the uniqueness of each set and the time it takes for us to put these together, a 20% restocking fee applies to returns on Lindsay's Garden Assortments. Please keep this in mind when ordering!

Unless otherwise specified, each package contains the following:

  • 4mm:   (5) one yard cuts
  • 7mm:   (4) one yard cuts
  • 13mm: (2) one yard cuts
  • 32mm: (1) one yard cuts