Bias Cut Silk Habotai Ribbon

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100% silk habotai, matte finish and 10 momme weight.  Silk habotai bias ribbon is thin and flowy with tight weave and a matte finish. Bias cut silk ribbon is ribbon or "tape" that has been produced by cutting directly from bolts of fabric diagonally along the bias. The result is a flexibly ribbon that drapes and stretches around curves nicely, making it perfect for finishing, edging or lining garments such a wedding veils, hats, blankets and the like.  It also makes beautiful, natural looking ribbon flowers and paper craft embellishments.

The edges are unfinished, so they will "feather" but will not unravel. Bias silk ribbon has a seam every 1 1/2 or so yards, as this is how it is constructed in preparation for slitting so that the yardage will be continious rather than in pieces. It accepts dye readily. There will be 10%-20% shrinkage with heat.

Sold by the yard (multiples wound as continuous yardage).