Mokuba Silk Satin (Peau de Soie), Style #30000

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"Peau de Soie" is a luxurious, 100% silk, heavyweight satin ribbon known for its smooth, silky surface and matte finish. Peau de soie is a French term that translates to "skin of silk" in English, and it aptly captures the essence of this luxurious ribbon. This ribbon is woven with a high thread count, which contributes to its silky touch and durable structure, making it less prone to wrinkling and easier to work with than lighter weight satins. Unlike the high gloss of many satin finishes, peau de soie is a more muted luster that exudes elegance and sophistication.
Traditionally, Peau de Soie is sought after in the realms of bridal fashion, haute couture, and luxurious garment making. Its refined appearance and ability to hold shapes well make it an ideal choice for wedding dresses, formal gowns, and decorative bows. The ribbon's elegant drape and resistance to wrinkles also contribute to its popularity for crafting sophisticated accessories, such as hairpieces, sashes, and embellishments on handbags or shoes. The ribbon is also used in home decor and event design for its rich texture and versatility, adding a touch of luxury to various creations.
Sold by the yard, so price listed is per yard. Minimum required, one yard.

Content: 100% Silk
Country of Origin: Made In Japan