Pure Filament Silk Embroidery Ribbon 13mm

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Our pure filament silk ribbon is made in Japan of the of the highest quality pure filament silk fibers. Japan is known for producing high-quality silk products that are renowned for their beauty and durability. The resulting silk products are often more expensive than their Chinese counterparts, but they are also known for their superior quality and longevity.

As with typically all Japanese silk products, our silk embroidery ribbon from Japan is made from high-grade silk fibers and produced using strict quality control measures. The quality difference between pure filament and non-pure filament silk embroidery ribbon is especially noticeable in the wider widths of 13 & 32mm. For more information regarding pure filament silk ribbon, visit our silk ribbon information page.

Our Pure filament 13mm silk ribbon is approximately 1/2" wide.  It is popular for all kinds of embellishing.

Sold in 2 yard increments, $4.99 per 2 yards.

Yardage is combined by default when available on multiples of the same color.